Massage: acupressure

Acupressure is an indescribable pleasure which causes just inexpressible feelings. Impact on sensitive points of a body can open absolutely new world of the sensual pleasures unusual and very exciting. And all this by means of skillful hands of the skilled masseur. Each touch will be felt more and more brightly, yet there will not come the enchanting final throwing into a whirlpool of extraordinary emotions.


You want to feel fully all spectrum of pleasure - order acupressure in Novosibirsk on the website Dosug154. Here the most skillful individuals of the city capable to drive the man into frenzy gentle, but very frank touches are presented. Such procedure allows to relax, derive as much as possible the mass of pleasure, and it will come to the end with a relax, inexpressible on feelings. One call suffices, and pleasant leisure will be provided.


What attracts our website with


  • questionnaires of the most beautiful masseurs of the city rendering services of acupressure and providing other types of leisure are submitted to attention of judges of refined pleasures;
  • individuals are ready to execute any wishes of the client and try that such evening was remembered for a long time that is promoted by their various abilities;
  • acupressure in their execution is the procedure which is really impressing on the feelings guaranteeing absolutely new impressions;
  • it is possible to call the masseur on the house at any time, they are always ready to give pleasure to exacting men;
  • the choice of girls very big therefore it is possible to find the girlfriend for the evening, completely corresponding to certain parameters.


Why this procedure is so demanded


Erotic acupressure can give the mass of surprises, we do not know the body at all. But by means of skillful touches it is fully possible to open all its secrets and to plunge into the ocean of sensual pleasure.


Gentle pressing the sensitive points added with easy strokings gradually cause an excitement wave which accrues when caress becomes more and more frank and persistent. It as much as possible aggravates all feelings and does them much more brightly.


If you were carried away by such opportunity, use services of skilled masseurs from our website which will provide various intimate leisure and will do everything possible that you had the maximum satisfaction of the desires.

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