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Sex: advice for beginners
In questions of the sexual relations there are no certain rules. The main thing not to do what is not pleasant to both partners. The pleasure from intim has to remain ...
Swing and svinger
The swing represents exchange of intimate partners between constant couples. It practices usually to diversify sex life. There are several kinds of a swing:   ...
Sado-masochism - that it, a perversion or a way to derive pleasure
Many since the early childhood were frightened by the uncles creeping from a gate who entice children to themselves home (the wood, the car, etc.) and scoff at them. M...
Petting - art of touches
What is a petting? It is a way of receiving pleasure without direct contact of genitals. It something average between an onanism and sex. Why people are engaged in a p...
Aphrodisiacs in our life
It substances which stimulate an inclination of the person and cause excitement. The word came from a name of the Ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.   As ...
Dogging or sex in public places
This counter is also Great Britain. The sense is that the group of people gathers on the street and publicly begins to have sex. Any place where there is foreign audie...
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