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    Two hours: 2800
    Night: 15000
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One of the most demanded types of massage in Novosibirsk is "the Thai massage". The owner of knowledge and abilities of such procedure is always ready to show it to any man who will choose her on the website "Dosug154".


If you heard about the Thai massage, but yet never tried it, call the skilled prostitute from the website, and try to take the highest pleasure.


Features of massage


Such massage arose in ancient times in China and India. It was practiced by healers for cheerfulness giving to a tired body. Modern courtesans reached in this art of unknown heights. Alternating massage to sexual satisfaction, you take unforgettable pleasure.


Imagine how the little fairy, in erotic linen, with a naked breast caresses your body, concerning him it is easy as if wings of a butterfly. The soft skin she touches the most intimate places. Caress and tenderness immerse you in a full nirvana and relaxation. Being excited, again getting to euphoria, you want only one - to seize the charming woman.


Such massage removes from you nervous tension and forces to forget about pressing problems of life.


Girls from the website are so skilled and sexual that all for the hour spent in her communication you receive a fine prelude, erotic caress and sex with a rough orgasm.


Advantages of such type of massage


Having tried all time such service, you will not be able to stop. You with guarantee receive:


  • the beautiful and gentle beauty at whom it is possible not only to have a look but also to make with her everything that is prompted to you by your erotic imagination;
  • improvement of health due to full relaxation, improvement of a blood-groove in all bodies;
  • increase in mood and self-assessment;
  • safety and privacy of your meetings.


On the website hundreds of questionnaires where you can choose the prostitute on the taste are submitted. It can be Thumbelina with small legs and a fine-molded figure, the magnificent lady with elegant manners or dismissed the 5th size, sexy with a breast. Dare to relax and feel as the real male for whom all is possible.


How to order the professional of the Thai massage


If you decided to try such massage, look at questionnaires of courtesans, dial phone number. Having discussed all details, you will be able to arrive to it to apartments or to invite the lady to the territory.


You are able to afford to relax all for an hour, and can be want to prolong pleasure on all night long. Everything depends on your forces and opportunities. Believe, time spent in communication with the sexy and frank girl will be remembered to you for a long time.

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